"Terraform" recounts the making of Doom 64, and is out now

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Posted by David on April 2, 2020


Hi, all,

You might recall that I wrote and published a smorgasbord of Doom content last month in celebration of Doom Eternal's release. One feature fell behind schedule, so rather than throw it together and kick it out the door, I saved it for this month.

Terraform: The Making of Doom 64 is my newest long read on Shacknews. I formatted it differently than the rest of my long reads. Where I divided those into chapters, Terraform, is on the shorter side (though still long enough to qualify as a "long" read) so I decided to share it as a single feature article.

Doom 64 is one of my favorite entries in one of my favorite franchises. If you've played it, you know. If you haven't, you're missing out, but that can change! Bethesda re-released Doom 64 on most platforms including Nintendo Switch, so pick it up and delight in its action-horror motifs.

Happy reading,



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