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Heritage: Day One Standing

Heritage climbed Amazon's charts steadily on its first official day of release.
UPDATE #2: Spot #15, in sight of Mr. H. Potter, broom closet, #4 Privet Drive! UPDATE #1: We ended up finishing at #29. Not bad -- and right next to a Rick Riordan book, too! … http://davidlcraddock.com/news/page/heritage-day-one-standing/


HERITAGE is available for purchase from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other fine booksellers.
After nine years of revisions (the earliest of which were AWFUL), one year of editing, and 30 days of counting down, HERITAGE, the first book of my Gairden Chronicles fantasy seri… http://davidlcraddock.com/news/page/heritage-available-now/

"The Sword Speaks:" Nichel, the Wolf Daughter

Learn about Nichel, known as the wolf daughter and Aidan Gairden's betrothed.
Today, the last day of "The Sword Speaks" before the release of HERITAGE tomorrow, we meet Nichel, Aidan's bride-to-be from the west. Here's a teaser: Known as the wolf daughte… http://davidlcraddock.com/news/page/sword-speaks-nichel-wolf-daughter/

"The Sword Speaks:" Bonus Short Story

A short story set in the world of the Gairden Chronicles.
We're two days out from the release of Heritage, and I say that's reason to celebrate. for today's "The Sword Speaks," I present "The Master's Lesson," a bonus story set in the wo… http://davidlcraddock.com/news/page/sword-speaks-bonus-short-story/

"The Sword Speaks" Promo for Heritage

A look at the characters and world of Heritage leading up to the book's release on July 30, 2014.
On July 1st, Tyche Books, my publisher for HERITAGE, and I kicked off a promotional campaign called "The Sword Speaks" to count down the days until the book's release in paperback… http://davidlcraddock.com/news/page/sword-speaks-promo-heritage/