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Making Fun Vol. 1 available now, Roguelike Celebration this weekend

See me talk about DUNGEON HACKS at this weekend's Roguelike Celebration conference, and pick up a copy of MAKING FUN VOLUME 1 as of today
Roguelike Celebration As a reminder, I'll be speaking at Roguelike Celebration in San Francisco this Saturday, Sept. 17. The conference begins at 9:00a and will be held at Even… http://davidlcraddock.com/news/page/making-fun-vol-1-available-now-roguelike-celebration-weekend/

Announcing Making Fun: Stories of Game Development – Volume 1

I am pleased to announce MAKING FUN: STORIES OF GAME DEVELOPMENT – VOLUME 1. The book, due for publication on September 13, covers a wide range of indie and blockbuster games … http://davidlcraddock.com/news/page/announcing-making-fun-stories-game-development-volume-1/

2016 book release, Point of Fate update

New Book: Making Fun: Stories of Game Development, Vol. 1 I released my first book, SAAL 1, in 2013, and have released at least one book per year since. I take a stupid amount of… http://davidlcraddock.com/news/page/2016-book-release-point-fate-update/