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Latest News

"Book" Breakdown – 'Doom: To Hell and Back' on Shacknews

A feature I wrote for Shacknews, Doom: To Hell and Back, went live today, and it's roughly the size of a book: nearly 40,000 words. So let's talk about it!

"Rogue Souls" Story Bundle: Includes 'Dungeon Hacks' and 'Red to Black: The Making of Rogue Legacy'

Two of my books on game design, Dungeon Hacks and Red to Black: The Making of Rogue Legacy, are available in the Rogue Souls Bundle of related publications on storybundle.com!

Chronicles of Craddock: 2016

a yearly blog in which I give a brutally honest look back at my writing year that was and offer a glimpse into what I'll be working on in the year that will be... or "is," in this case.

Yearly Reading Goals

No matter how busy things get—and they're going to get crazy—Goodreads and Pocket will be there to sate my craving for my favorite pastime.

Books in Pico Game Bundle

I'm excited and proud to announce that two of my books are available in the ongoing Pico Game Bundle at StoryBundle.com

Local Author Fair at Massillon Public Library

Come get a book signed, purchase a copy of HERITAGE and select other works, and hobnob with me and other scribes from around the area.

Revisions to DUNGEON HACKS

Before leaving for Roguelike Celebration on September 17, I decided to revise the paperback and Kindle editions of DUNGEON HACKS.